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This is because we combine science, technology and experience to come up with the best personalized treatments to every skin and hair type issue, whether it be unwanted and ingrown hair, or simply for rejuvenating dull skin.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin at a fair price and at Timeless Beauty Praxis, we believe that miracles do happen and countless clients we have treated can attest to that.

Here is what some of them had to say:

Winter Offers 2017

After several requests for an "intim komplett" treatment and not just for the "bikini line" treatment, I have now added the "intim komplett" treatment to the list.

Intim komplett


Offer price 

(per treatment)

Package price

(4x treatments)

Normal price 

(per treatment)

Offer Snowflakes

Bikini line , Upperlip, Chin & Underarms

Offer Snowflakes +

Intim komplett, Upperlip, Chin & Underarms

CHF 199.-

You save CHF 191.-

CHF 249

You save CHF 221.-

CHF 699.-

You save CHF 861.-

CHF 390.-

CHF 849.-

You save CHF 1,031.-

CHF 470.-

Offer Cinammon

Underarms & Lower legs incl. knee

CHF 239.-

You save CHF  161.-

CHF 819.-

You save CHF 781- 

CHF 400.-

Offer Chocolate Cake

Bikini line & Lower legs incl. knee

Offer Chocolate Cake +

Intim komplett & Lower legs incl. knee

CHF 249.-

You save CHF 171.-

CHF 299.-

You save CHF 201.-

CHF 849.-

You save CHF 821- 

CHF 420.-

CHF 999.-

You save CHF 1,001- 

CHF 500.-

New Year's Offer

Bikini line , Upperlip, Chin &  entire legs

New Year's Offer +

Intim komplett , Upperlip, Chin &  entire legs

CHF 399.- 

You save CHF 401.-

CHF 429.-

You save CHF  451.-

CHF 1,499.-

You save CHF 1,701- 

CHF 800.-

CHF 1,599.-

You save CHF 1,921- 

CHF 880.-

These prices are valid until 20th of March 2018


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