How many treatments are required?

Usually 4 to 8 treatments at intervals of 4-6 weeks. Face treatments may require more treatments.

For which customers is laser treatment particularly effective?

For customers with dark, thick hair, laser treatment is most successful. The brighter the hair, the more treatments are necessary.

What results can be expected from laser treatments?

After several treatments, the hair density is reduced in most cases. The remaining hair is much finer and lighter and therefore less visible. Permanent hair removal is often achieved. It is however possible, that certain isolated hair will regrow several years after the treatment.


What side effects do you expect?

In rare cases, treatments can lead to temporary hyper- and hypopigmentation (dark and light dyes of the skin). Redness or whealing may also occur which will disappear within minutes after the treatment.


What is the difference between an IPL device and this diode laser?

The IPL device (flash lamp) as well as my diode laser work though photothermolysis, however my diode laser is much more selective and thus the risk of burns and possible scarring is significantly lower. A great advantage is also the much faster treatment time and the higher energies with the Vikini diode laser. Where IPL devices require several seconds for a single shot, the VIKINI diode laser shoots with up to 10 shots per second for a more painless experience.

What exactly is the difference between Bikini line/Bikini zone and Intim region/Intim complete?



What is the benefit of laser treatment with the diode laser?

Above all, comfort and time saving. Permanent removal of disturbing facial or body hair has been and is for many women and men an annoying taboo and ongoing issue.


How does hair removal work with the diode laser?

The concept is called selective photothermolysis. Because dark hair differs from its bright surroundings, the hair root can be selectively coagulated by laser.


What should be paid attention to regarding laser treatment?

No tanning for the following 3-5 days after the treatment.

The laser beam can only work when the hair is in the skin, therefore it should not be waxed, epilated or plucked 4 weeks prior to treatment. Shaving is allowed,

Is the laser treatment painful?

No, with the revolutionary Vikini diode laser method, the treatment is virtually painless.

Are there alternatives to laser hair removal?
One of the most common methods for hair removal are hand epilators. These devices are cheap and do more harm the longer they are used. During this type of treatment, the hair and part of the root are torn out using small tweezers. This is not only extremely painful, but more often than not will also cause severe irritation of the hair follicles as well as inflammation and redness. This has to be repeated again and again, because these devices are not able to achieve a lasting result.

Another method is needle depilation. Here, the hair is destroyed by electric current, which is transmitted via a thin probe. In doing so, hair is epilated one by one, which is associated with great pain. Since this method can lead to unsightly scars even with correct application, we strongly advise against needle depilation.



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